less than one week delivery

Mainsail design - one mainsail to cover the total range is our
challenge this is made harder as the class races from 0 to 28+
knots, the tuning guide can help with this broad range of conditions.
Comes with sail bag, class emblem, national letters and your
number (please let us know your number).

Dimension Polyant 180 HTP (about a 3.9oz)- this is very long lasting
and the one we recommend as there is little performance drop and
after just a few races it out performs its lighter rivals. (has a rip-stop
look about it)

SAIL CARE.. to dramatically extend the life of you racing sail store
carefully either in TUBES or rolled up in a bag. avoid any creasing -
More damage is done off the water than on. Unfurl your sail before
dropping to avoid twisting the luff wire.Roll up form the head down
quite tight.