A few small changes makes a world of difference.
Click below to super charge your illusion, or at least
download the PDF TUNING GUIDE


The illusion needs to be trimmed level for racing with maximum
lead allowance, This will mean trimming weights put forward - small sausage
lead bags 1kgs are best as they can easily be moved around in and out of
tanks etc, we have them available on check out.

Fit a clinometer fore and aft axis to manage your trim. Set the boat up on the dock using a 'level' or smart phone app level - put on the foredeck and wind the jockey wheel up or
down to get it horizontal.

Next take your clinometer (available on our store) and stick to the side tank, port side when reading zero. Next when afloat with you in it get a friend or coach - also available for hire :) to call the trim - use comparisons or get them to take a picture. You can also send this to us for a check up.. you may find when you haul your boat out its quite bow down - move the sausage lead bags out of the front and put on the back to help.

Mostly the rake is around 0, straight up. Use a level to get the deck horizontal then use a level to set the rake at zero and make a mark on your mast referencing the jib halyard. See tuning guide for detail on rake settings. We use this method as due to minor variation in mast step and tack positions.

SUPPORT If you want to talk this through please call Graham for a chat 07970547508.

SUPPORT = 07970547508


SAIL CARE.. to dramatically extend the life of you racing sail store carefully either in TUBES or rolled up in a bag. avoid any
creasing - More damage is done off the water than on. Unfurl your sail before dropping to avoid twisting the luff wire.
Roll up form the head down quite tight.